Monday, September 29, 2008


I used to be a huge fan of making necklaces. I stopped for a time, because I wasn't entirely satisfied with them. I also had trouble taking their pictures. I recently found an awesome Etsy store, BluewaterStudio, and ordered some vibrant colored Czech beads. They really inspired me to use them in necklaces. I also found a necklace style that I love~ the lariat. I combined these beads and the lariat style to make very simple and bold necklaces. The beads are the center of attention, as their vivid colors draw the eye. I made two lariats using copper and brass chains.

The orange beads makes me think about pumpkins, and best of all, pumpkin pie. I love the orange and the copper~ the color combination brings a lot of warmth. Brass and green are a wonderful color combination as well~ they remind me of Ireland!

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