Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In honor of the holiday, I want to feature something green. Okay, before I go any further, I want to say that by now, I am a little sick of corned beef and cabbage, after serving it all last night; I did taste it, and it's not that bad. It' aqquired taste. But I want no more of it!

I fell in love with these green glass bell flowers some time ago~ they are called wasbi, and they have a beautiful matte finish. I have ued them in hopes of making some pretty bold looking earrings, and I am happy to say, I really like the feedback I am getting. These are the earrings I am most proud of (they are at left). I was about to put a lighter and delicate pink bell flower on these wonderful sterling earwires, but something told me to put beads that would contrast more, so I used these wasbi green flowers.

I would also like to promote something else that is green. I just received this in the mail from one of my favorite bath and body shops on Etsy, DressGreen ( It's this wonderful hand salve, called "Green Thumb Hand Repair". It's made of all these wonderful butters and oils that are good for my hands! I tried it on my hands and they make them very soft. I have a problem with my right hand after I burned it kinda badly a couple of years ago~ the skin gets really dry sometimes and starts looking like its peeling. This helps it! I love everything from DressGreen, and I haven't yet tried everything. Her pictures make everything look gorgeous~ they all scream "Buy me!". I have one of her lip balms, and when I run out I want to try another one of her flavors.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have had my eye on this necklace for a while now. It is handmade by Etsy artist cynthiagiudice ( I have never been someone to wear copper, though I like its look. But the way this necklace is made is stunning, very freeform and bold.

I am also not one to wear a lot of jewelry, as I don't want to lose it at work, where I spend a lot of my time. I couldn't show it off, and it really deserves to be shown off. I don't have a very elegant job where I can dress up. So I like to look at pieces like this and imagine myself wearing it~ the kind of job I might have, what I could be wearing it with. If I ever do buy really pretty things, I'm not just buying the piece, I'm buying a dream of someday not having a job where I get so dirty (I work in a restaurant as a cook), and having the freedom of wearing something beautiful.

This is something I did spluge on some time ago~ I love bracelets, and I love big chunky bracelets the most, my favorite being those made of leather. This large leather bracelet, made by etrelles (, is made out of a belt, and has a celtic symbol etched onto it. I have gotten a few compliments on it. This is actually a piece I do wear to work~ it's not delicate and dainty, but I can still show it off. I am much less worried about losing it. It's one of my only jewelry staples.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Inspiration!

The only thing that is wrong with this gorgeous picture from Etsy photography artist lauri ( is that it's not on my wall! But it's on my computer screen for now, and I have a chance to revel in it. I love the clean lines and the sharp colors of this picture~ the red poppies, well, pop. I definitely would like to incorporate this into my jewelry. Awhile back, when I first started to meander (one of my favorite words now) in jewelry making, I used to love sparkly things, the Czech firepolishes and then onto the Swarovskis. I especially loved the opal toned colors.

But I have changed gears, and am happy with what I've come up with. These earrings have clean lines and sharp contrasts, making the baby blue flower beads that I adore so much really pop. I don't think silver would have done too much for the blue~ it would have washed it out. But copper really brings out the brightness.