Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have had my eye on this necklace for a while now. It is handmade by Etsy artist cynthiagiudice ( I have never been someone to wear copper, though I like its look. But the way this necklace is made is stunning, very freeform and bold.

I am also not one to wear a lot of jewelry, as I don't want to lose it at work, where I spend a lot of my time. I couldn't show it off, and it really deserves to be shown off. I don't have a very elegant job where I can dress up. So I like to look at pieces like this and imagine myself wearing it~ the kind of job I might have, what I could be wearing it with. If I ever do buy really pretty things, I'm not just buying the piece, I'm buying a dream of someday not having a job where I get so dirty (I work in a restaurant as a cook), and having the freedom of wearing something beautiful.

This is something I did spluge on some time ago~ I love bracelets, and I love big chunky bracelets the most, my favorite being those made of leather. This large leather bracelet, made by etrelles (, is made out of a belt, and has a celtic symbol etched onto it. I have gotten a few compliments on it. This is actually a piece I do wear to work~ it's not delicate and dainty, but I can still show it off. I am much less worried about losing it. It's one of my only jewelry staples.

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