Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Inspiration!

The only thing that is wrong with this gorgeous picture from Etsy photography artist lauri ( is that it's not on my wall! But it's on my computer screen for now, and I have a chance to revel in it. I love the clean lines and the sharp colors of this picture~ the red poppies, well, pop. I definitely would like to incorporate this into my jewelry. Awhile back, when I first started to meander (one of my favorite words now) in jewelry making, I used to love sparkly things, the Czech firepolishes and then onto the Swarovskis. I especially loved the opal toned colors.

But I have changed gears, and am happy with what I've come up with. These earrings have clean lines and sharp contrasts, making the baby blue flower beads that I adore so much really pop. I don't think silver would have done too much for the blue~ it would have washed it out. But copper really brings out the brightness.

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