Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Something Extra

I've been stepping back and taking a look at what I can do better in my Etsy shop these days. There is always something that can be improved. My latest idea was inspired by LavenderCollections ( I saw her shop in the forums and was immediately drawn to her adorable mini cards. I purchased a set that matched my packaging color scheme. What I was doing before was writing a little note to the buyer on the back of my business cards. But I really like the idea of adding a little something more to my packaging. Not only is it a little more personal, the designs on these cards are beautiful! I've been writing my little messages on them, and doing something else I have not done before~ writing a "coupon code" for a percentage off the price for the buyer to use if they ever would like to visit my shop again. I researched the best way to do coupon codes on Etsy, as they do not have a formal way to process them, and the general concessus us to give refund the buyer the percentage off the price through Paypal after they pay. This way they do not have to wait for a revised invoice. I know I don't like buying something and leaving a transaction undone while I wait for an invoice.
There is still more to be done~ promoting my shop is next~ finding the balance between all the different ways to promote, whether it's a blog, Flickr, Linkreferral, the forums on Etsy, and trying to fit them all in some form or another into my day. What a journey this will be!


Karen Faulkner said...

I don't know how effective this will be, but I recently joined a couple of group blogs as a way of hopefully driving more traffic to my shop. They are BuriedTreasure (all Etsy, free for regular membership and $12 for Gold), and UniqueWomenInBusiness (initial purchase from the person who referred you plus one purchase per month to stay active). The one purchase per month didn't bother me since there was inexpensive stuff (such as Avon) that I'd buy anyway. I've been in marketing my entire professional career and am finding there is a lot of trial and error involved with online business! Love the new cards, BTW!

Artwork by KD said...

We're in the same boat! Refunding through paypal does seem less confusing. I've been giving out coupons too... Good luck!

steve kilbey said...

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