Thursday, November 20, 2008

Autumn Cleaning

I was a little on the sad side for the past few days, though I don't know exactly why, so I took a break. I didn't really make anything, I didn't write anything on my blog, I didn't post anything new to Flickr, or do anything to continue to get my name out there. I was barely on Etsy! I felt like something was blocked, and I was stuck in a place where I didn't want to be. After the weekend, my days off started, and I took a good look at my Etsy store. I wasn't pleased with much of it. In the beginning, my favorite pairs of earrings to make were these little bouquet clusters. In fact, these are the types of earrings I am making for two B&Ms that I am working with. But I haven't sold any in my shop for a while. I realized that it was because I had soooo many other things in my shop that they were getting buried under my own items! I came to a conclusion that there really is such a thing as too much variety. So I started to take out all the jewelry that hasn't been selling~ and those were the pieces that I was least proud of to begin with. I was left with a nice collection of pieces that I was really proud of, from the beginning. Then I started renewing all the bouquet earrings at once, to get them all in a high spot in the searches on Etsy. And you know what? After the past week with no sales, I finally got a couple of sales over the past couple of days after I renewed them. And the sales happened to be the bouquet earrings I loved so much! I have learned for myself the valuable lesson that is repeated in the Etsy forums~ make the things you love, and not what you just think might sell. You have to be able to be proud of each and every item that you have the privledge of packaging and shipping to someone.


Artwork by KD said...

Sorry you felt down! There are always highs and lows when you make art on a daily basis. Sometimes a couple days away from it can really help. And I always hear successful people say that if you truly love what you make then others will too.

Anonymous said...

All seller say they have been slow either on etsy or eBay or bonanzle. There is not much buying going on, people mostly just holding their breath waiting to see what "happens". Just keep making your pretty things, keep blogging and keeping your name out there...when it all goes back to normal you'll be glad you have stock. xoxox

RecreationalArt said...

I have had a major slump in sales as well. your work is beautiful and I do hope your sales soar shortly!!

Anonymous said...

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Treadmills said...

What an awesome story! I think that taking the time away from everything gives you a more clear head! Love your shop and items, as well as your blog - just followed