Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Flurry of Red Balloons

There's something sad about a balloon, flaoting on its own, higher and higher into the sky. It always makes me think of the child who accidently let it go, watching it fly away. There is also something striking about a lone balloon~ especially a lone red balloon. It is a splash of unexpected color against a landscape. It just shows that beauty can come from anything, even something as out of the ordinary as a red balloon against the empty sky. It is also subject for many works of art. Here are a few of my finds from Etsy, featuring red balloons:

This art print, handmade by ellemoss (http://www.ellemoss.etsy.com/) , is named "She Still Haunts Me" I love how the balloon is indeed the one bright splash of color in the print, with the rest of the colors being darker.

This photo, entitled, "Red Balloon" was taken by angiemuldowney (http://www.angiemuldowney.etsy.com/). Perhaps a poor child really lost their balloon. I love again the contrast of the red against the tree branches and the dismally sky sky.

This print, handmade by auusiepatches (http://www.aussiepatches.etsy.com/) caught my eye not only because of the balloons, but the girl herself~ I love her outfit, and her red hair! This is entitled "Red Balloons on a Line".

This surrealistic print is handmade by BellatrixArt (http://www.bellatrixart.etsy.com/). It is entitled "Just a Dream Within a Dream" I am in love with the colors, and how the moon seems to be radiating light right out of the picture!

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