Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Shipping to Celebrate 1000 Sales

Yesterday, I reached my long time goal of selling 1000 things on my Etsy shop. I never really dreamed, two years ago, that I would make it this far. I started out so small~ listing one thing and waiting for days on end, for it to sell, checking my e-mail dilligently and finding nothing. From there, I learned what it took to become more of a steadfast seller, from taking good photos, renewing items, packaging my wares, the ins and outs of the world of the USPS, and the overall dedication (and optimism...and patience!) one needs. I think I still I have a long way to go, as I don't spend as much time dedicated to Etsy as I would like.
To say thank you to everyone, and to express just how happy I am, I am offering free shipping in my Etsy shop: I have many things that would make great holiday gifts~ now would be the perfect time to start your shopping!

I also wanted to show what I bought as my little reward for reaching 1000 sales. I've been eyeballing this piece for months, and am proud to own it. It is a watercolor of a single poppy (one of my favorite flowers), handmade by karenfaulknerart ( I actually bought two pieces, but one is for a gift and cannot reveal it. ;) I can't wait to hang this on my wall! She has many more watercolor pieces in her store: each all about the beauty of simplicity. The brilliant colors really hold your attention.

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jeweledrabbit said...

Congrats on your success. May there be more of it in store for you. :o)