Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Etsy Goals Examined

There have been a lot of people on Etsy that have been saying that it has been harder and harder to be seen. That definately has been the case~ views are harder to obtain, it feels. I haven't given up though~ I've delved into something that I know little to nothing about instead~ marketing myself outside of Etsy. And that is what I've been doing. But in fact, that's all that I've been doing lately, besides going to my other job. I spent all night tonight researching sites like Entrecard and Blog directories. At midnight I sat back from the computer and thought about what I was doing. I was doing all that on my night off, instead of living my life, doing other fun things. So I ask myself, is all this worth it?
I started on Etsy just as a way to earn some extra income for my, um, bead addiction. I learned a lot about the world of the small business. I never had the goal of paying bills with it, as I thankfully have a steady job. So I wonder why I am so very dissapointed when a day goes by without any sales. If I don't get that extra bit of income, I'm not really out anything, except for the ability to buy beads, or other things I happen to heart on Etsy. And really, what's the loss in that? It's not the biggest heartbreak in the world.
I read on a forum that trying to be the next best thing isn't really the best goal to have. And I agree. I really have to accept that my goal isn't to get rich, or support myself off of my jewelry shop~ it's not entirely a practical thing to do. So when I was getting disappointed from not having sales for a while, I was thinking that I really wasn't the next best thing. If you get past that part, it's not too disappointing. If it was the little high I got when I saw I sold something that was so great, I should realize that there are other things that will make me feel just as good~ reading a good book, cooking, or simply creating a piece of jewelry that I like. Etsy isn't my whole life.

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