Thursday, October 2, 2008


I love to wear stripes. My socks have bright stripes on them, and my shirts have stripes on them. Stripes make me feel bold~ it's definately one of my favorite designs. I want to share with you some more wonderful finds from across the Craftsphere, aka Etsy, that involve this wonderful design.

This print is called "Ice Lady and Her Red Hot Shoes". The stripe theme is more subtle, as the focus is on a killer pair of shoes that this lady has on. :) I love the choice of colors. I love the more muted colors on the color wheel, as they impart a gorgeous softness. This print is made by luciajohnson ( Check out her other prints~ she has this design in more delicous colors!

I love this print, handmade by gorjuss ( It is called "Tiptoes". From the beautiful heather gray, purple and blue, to her black hair, to her little eyes. And of course, I love her striped socks! Gorjuss has a large variety of prints and paintings, a lot of them sporting these black haired little girls that are decidedly goth and undeniably adorable.

I have this print up on my wall right now. This is called "Lydia". I love her little outfit, her adorable short hair cut, and her beautiful eyes. The red and white stripes really provide a brightness to the picture. This print is handmade by the black apple ( She has many other prints that sport subjects with amazingly cute outfits and bright eyes.

This print blew me away~ red white and black are one my more favorite color combinations. Once put on the wall, this will definitely bring a bright presence to a room. I love the striped stockings! This is called "Under the House". It is handmade by gallery32 ( Her store has an array of other beautiful photographs, many inspired by instances in nature.

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TheresaJ said...

Nice of you to stop by and comment on my blog. Thanks for the compliment. Your jewelry is quite lovely as well... and very, very reasonably priced!

Love these prints!