Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make A Wish!

Remember when you were young, you would stop and pick up a dandelion (not the bright yellow ones, but the fuzzy white ones), and blow on it, scattering its seeds everywhere? They would go flying in every direction the wind took them, piloted by their fluffy parachutes. The best part of the whole thing was making a wish, every time you did it. While I am still reminiscing the dandelions and wishes from my childhood, I would also like to share wonderful finds from the Great World of Etsy on this very subject.

This clock is awesome~ it hangs up on my wall right now. It was featured on Etsy's front page months ago, and it was one of those purchases that I knew I had to make. The flowers remind me a little of both dandelions and Queen Anne's lace. The color combination is so bold. It not only keeps the time, but it is a work of art as well. This clock was handmade by bode22 ( This store has more clocks that have wonderful designs, all of them unique.

I love the different shades of gray in this picture~ very serene! This proves that gray is not just a "one tone" type of color~ there are a lot of contrasts throughout this picture. This print is called "Dandelion Dreams". This photo is by thebunnycage ( This store has an array of wonderful prints and phots that are definately worth checking out!

These lovely little dandelion graphics are actually four separate wall decals. These wuld be perfect on a blank wall, spaced out in a manner so they look like they are drifting up, up, and away. They are handmade by holly, ( She has many different decals in her shop~ these particular decals come in a variety of different colors. A great idea to go beyond the traditional framed art!

This print, handmade by papermoth (, is one in a series of prints that has this particular design, "Perennial Moment", in a variety of soft pastel colors. This one is tea green. I love this color, it is so soft, and makes the dandelions look for delicate. Other colors include silver, aqua, lavendr, pink, gold, and an original color of a mixture of gold and deep aqua. This fun shop has many more designs to chhose from~ all are whimsical and fun, and alot of them bring a soft feminitity to a room!

I couldn't resist putting this print, handmade by Vieiragirl ( into this collection. I love the almost grayish blue-violet backgound, and the soft bursts of wisy white. This print is entitled "Fall Branch". You can almost reach out and touch the little white bursts, expecting them to feel like fuzzy dandelions! This shop sports a colorful variety of prints that are nature inspired.

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